We are a research team working at the Psychology Department at Deusto University, in Spain. Our research is concerned with the Experimental Psychology of Learning. We work with both children and adults and run experiments either at the university laboratory, primary and secondary schools, and through the Internet. The experiments in which we are currently working can be categorized in the area of CONTINGENCY LEARNING and more specifically in following subareas:

  • Learning of causal and predictive relationships.
  • Cognitive biases and illusions of causality
  • Learning of reading and writing
  • Associative Learning
  • Pseudocience and superstition

Participa en nuestros experimentos de Psicología a través de Internet

En la sección Experimentos podrás participar en nuestros experimentos, y conocer qué es lo que hacemos. Al finalizar cada experimento proporcionamos una explicación de qué es lo que estamos investigando en ese experimento concreto.